Core Courses

CST 120:  Catholic Thought: An Introduction. Currently taught by Ralph Keen. Catholic thought is a distinctive, long-lived and influential intellectual tradition whose influence upon the intellectual history of the West has been enormous and continues to be significant. Like all such traditions, it has its own specialized vocabulary, particular interests and classical texts—which is to say its own style. This course will introduce the style and substance of Catholic thinking and will encourage understanding and critical response.

CST 150:  Catholicism in US History.  Currently taught by Kevin M. Schultz. This course surveys the Catholic experience in the United States from the colonial origins to the present. It begins with the encounter between Catholic Spain and France and the native peoples, treats the 19th- and early 20th-century immigrations and struggles for adaptation, and concludes with a study of the church in the U.S. since Vatican II.

CST 294:  Topics in Catholic History: Catholics in American Culture.  Currently taught by Kevin M. Schultz.  This course investigates the role played by Catholics and Catholicism in American culture, focusing on their contribution, their changing image, their service as a foil to liberal democracy, and their role as moral exemplar in a changing America.  The course consists mostly of reading novels and short stories, along with watching several films.

CST 294:  Topics in Catholic History: Race, Ethnicity and Catholicism in the USA.  Currently taught by Kevin M. Schultz.

CST 394:  Topics in Catholic History and Culture: Catholicism and Liberalism in America.  Currently taught by Kevin M. Schultz.

Affiliated courses

HIST 206: The Earlier Middle Ages. Taught by Steven Fanning.

HIST 207:  The Later Middle Ages. Taught by Steven Fanning.

HIST 211:  Europe: 1500-1750.

HIST 212:  Europe: 1715-1815.

HIST 213:  Europe: 1815-1914.

HIST 256:  American Religious History.  Taught by Kevin M. Schultz

HIST 300: The Roman Empire: The First Two Hundred and Fifty Years. Taught by Michael Alexander.

HIST 495: Millennial Movements in Latin America. Taught by Javier Villa-Flores.

HIST 495: Mysticism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Taught by Steven Fanning.

ENGL 115: Understanding the Bible as Literature. Taught by Larry Swain.

RELS 311: Gender and Sexuality in Early Christianity and Judaism. Taught by Rachel Havrelock.

RELS 124: Hebrew Bible. Taught by Rachel Havrelock.

RELS 250: Eastern and Western Philosophies of Religion. Taught by Robert WIlliams.

ITAL 193: The Divine Comedy. Taught by Antonio Mastrobuono.