Alasdair MacIntyre to speak April 10, 2012

Mar 16, 2012

Famed Notre Dame University philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre will speak at UIC on April 10 at 3pm as the final speaker in this year's Catholic Studies Lecture Series.  MacIntyre, an internationally renown Scottish-born philosopher known for his works on moral and political philosophy, will give a talk entitled "If not Catholic, what?"

MacIntyre's major works include After Virtue (1981), Whose Justice, Which Rationality? (1988), Three Rival Versions of Moral Inquiry (1990), and Dependent Rational Animals (1999).  He is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Contemporary Aristotelian Studies in Ethics and Politics (CASEP) at London Metropolitan University and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame.

Please join us on Tuesday, April 10th from 3pm-5pm in SSB Conference Rooms B (1200 W. Harrison) a reception will follow.

For more information about the talk, please contact Shirley DuBose, (312) 355-3448.

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