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A native of Los Angeles, Professor Schultz teaches twentieth-century American history with special interest in religion, ethnoracial history, and American intellectual and cultural life.  He has published widely, given numerous invited talks, and has excelled as a public intellectual, an academic, and a teacher.

His first academic monograph, Tri-Faith America: How Postwar Catholics and Jews Held America to its Protestant Promise (Oxford University Press, 2011--now in paperback), charted the decline of the idea that the United States was a “Christian nation” and the subsequent rise of the notion that the country was premised on a tri-faith idea that came to be called “Judeo-Christianity.”  The book then showed how acceptance of America's "Judeo-Christian" premise changed the country, in places like public education, collegiate fraternities, suburbs, and the census, all during what were the supposedly conformist 1950s.

His interests have since moved to the 1960s, and Professor Schultz's current work examines the fascinatingly intertwined lives of the right-wing firebrand William F. Buckley, Jr. and the left-wing radical Norman Mailer as a way to better understand that pivotal decade.  Buckley and Mailer: The Difficult Friendship that Shaped the 1960s comes out in May from W.W. Norton & Co. 

Professor Schultz has also had essays appear in the profession's flagship journals, including the Journal of American HistoryAmerican QuarterlyThe Journal of the American Academy of Religion, and Labor History, as well as other distinguished outlets both popular and academic.  Some of these articles have even won awards.

A distinguished teacher, Professor Schultz has won several major teaching awards, including most recently both the 2012-13 Teaching Recognition Award from the Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at UIC and the 2012-13 Shirley A. Bill Award for Excellent Teaching, an award selected by UIC History faculty, graduate students, and majors.  Professor Schultz is also the author of HIST, a popular college-level textbook, now out in its third edition (Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 3rd ed. 2013).  And he has appeared on the NPR show "Backstory: With the American History Guys" not once, but twice.


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